Rfi Team

Valma Jn.Phillip Cox - CEO 

Valerie Octave -Technical Director.

Thomson St Louis - Soca Fiesta (Marketing & Promotion Manager )

Dr Stylish - Emotions

Mackie Mac - Reality Check & Expose

Niki -   Expose

Mr Bubbles - Afternoon Mix

Dr Love - Country & Western [Sunday & Patois Thursday]

Red Lion - Zion Showcase

Majesty - Maintenance Engineer

Marbla - Community Vibs

Stevaco - Roll Call

Ras Ieve - Black in Public

Carl Ryan Hunter - Ska, Reggae  70's 80' 90

Ace & Parker - Sports Zone

Chris Constantine - Soca Explosion

Pastor Rudy Williams - Voice of the Morning (Gospel)

Laura & Alice - Decouve Pouvoir Bon Dieu (Gospel)

Shall Charles Popo - Creole            


Station Manager 

The manager is ultimately responsible for the station, is the first point of contact, and is responsible for overseeing station activities. Please contact station for further information about RFI. 


Minutes minutes minutes. The secretary is also the first point of contact for all new members, can do you a great deal on membership and can also answer general queries or point you in the right direction.

Head of Technical   Herbert Noel   -  Valerie Octave

Responsible for the equipment in the studio, and its functioning.

Marketing and Promotion Dept 

Responsilble for ogranizing events and activitie geared towards the  station achieveing its goal  to entertaining , keeping the people of Soufriere and surrounding communities as well as the caribbean islands.

 Head of Programming and Music      

The head of programming is responsible for listening to demos and sorting out a schedule for our broadcast. Heads up the music team to review new releases, create a playlist, interview bands and review gigs. Local artists can get in touch or post demos to RFI.



1. Thou shalt never be statisfied with thy show

2. Thou shalt meet thy public whenever possible

3. Thou shalt make it clear to everyone that thy studio is not for socialising

4. Thou shalt read a daily/regional/local newspaper to keep informed on what is happening in thy community and world

5. Thou shalt ensure thou has thy prizes before running thy competition

6. Thou shalt work thy tail off to do the best job possible

7. Thou shalt treat people the way thou wouldst like to be treated

8. Thou shalt be prepared for the worst

9. Thou shalt treat thy equipment as if it were thy own

10. Thou shalt answer thy own phone-in competition lines