Radio Free Iyanola is a local progressive independent radio station that provides entertainment, culture, news, education, information shows and the  sale of advertising space to the community of Soufriere and the surrounding communities to promote and encourage the above services.


To raise awareness of issues, which affect the community, they live in and to be the best at delivering local, national and international music and information.   To bring people together and promote equality to everyone regardless of race, gender,sexual orientation or religious beliefs.


In the next few years the business to develop and sustain growth by helping to develop community educating the local people, e.g. on crime, how to get young people out of criminal situations.  Working closely with local communities to help them change attitudes and beliefs in certain issues, developing an awareness of causes and concerns of these issues at different community levels.


The RFI Group wishes to support the continued development and growth of community FM radio in the Soufriere and surrounding areas.


RFI recognize the important role of a community radio station in Soufriere and will focus not only on the social and cultural benefits but also on opportunities for education, economic development and the strengthening of community identity in Soufriere.

St. Lucia now boasts a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Pitons





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